Crash Diets Have Miserably Failed:-

A crash diet is a diet which is extreme in its deprivations, typically severely restricting calorie intake. In other words a Crash Diet forces your metabolism to not burn as many calories as are required to maintain your energy level. Thus a crash diet differs from outright starvation only slightly. Such diets are typically unhealthy and are rarely - if ever - recommended by doctors or dietitians. Crash diets can lead to malnutrition, and are not a recommended means of weight loss. After a person discontinues a crash diet, the "yo-yo effect" is often seen. This causes a person to eat far more than normal, causing them to regain even more weight than before.

Weight-loss Centers Work But:-

t is possible to lose weight at weight loss centers and clinics but problem is these not only very costly but do rarely show desired results. They make it imperative on you that you join their centers on regular basis; which is near impossible in this fast modern age. And on top of it, they sell you their dietary supplements. So all the effort for losing weight is yours not theirs. And no sooner you will stop going to weight loss center, you will regain weight. These weight loss centers and clinics are meant for rich people, middle class simply cannot afford this extravagance.

Low Carb Diets Have Failed:-

It is far better that you remain overweight than losing weight by carrying out any low carb diet plan. Low carb diets plans are not only very hard to follow but these deprive your body of vital energy--- thus rendering it miserably "half-active" and sunken. After two weeks of low carb diets, you will notice that you have lost some weight. But, is it fat that you have lost? No, it is muscle. Fat is yet intact there in your body. Never forget -- LOSING BODY FAT IS YOUR ONLY GOAL, NOT MUSCLES TISSUES.
Big Names Of Weight Loss Industry Have Failed:-

Like other companies the main target of LA Weight loss, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers is to maximize their profits. Jenny sells her membership which is $ 20 plus cost of the food. Altogether it will cost you $ 12 per day. Result is that you are paying hugely for just a diet (die+t).

LA Weight Loss is not different. You have to buy what they call LA LITES. Nothing more than sugar and soy bars to control sugar urges and creating a feeling of being full. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY THESE BUT YOU WILL BE FORCED TO! Why?------Just because, like other big companies, profit and only profit is their target; So, you need approximately 80 boxes: $28.00 for each box. That's right another 2,240.00!

Weight watchers will charge $ 30 sign up fee. You have to attend weekly meeting and pay $ 11 for each meeting. So, the first month will run you about $ 74.00. And after this it's about 44.00 per month. And, don't think of skipping a meeting. If you will, you will have to pay penalty.

They tell you that you can eat anything you want as long as you are within limits of 22 points per day. A slice of chocolate cake, even a small one is about 13 points.

Books and ebooks have failed :-

Books could be really very good medium of teaching and training people how to lose weight if these are written with honest intent. I have read quite a few books and e-books and I found almost all of them immersed in boring scientific jargon and needless details. Out of whole book you will find just one or two pages of useful information.
Low fat Diets Have Failed:-

It is quite possible to lose weight by eating pure low fat diets, but yet there is a big paradox.

Before low fats diets came into fashion in American society two decades ago, there was only one overweight person among every five people; whereas now every four people are overweight or obese among every five Americans. Is it not a big failure of low fat diets? They help you lose weight but no sooner you start normal food, you regain back all the lost weight-----sometimes even more. Pure low fats diets really reduce weight but you will seldom eat them. All the inorganic low fat diets are rarely up to their labels.

Low Calorie Diets Have Failed:-

Calories are fuel for our body and are necessary for every small action that is performed inside body. Even fat-burning process and metabolism will slow down if there will not be sufficient calories in body.

An overweight person needs wholesome amount of calories to burn fats in the body. That is why low calorie diets do not show any remarkable effect on overweight people even if these are used for long time. Like low fat diets, these are rarely up to their labels.
Weight-loss Pills Have Failed:-

You can lose weight to some extent by swallowing pills and drugs. But you will have to put your health on risk. All kinds of weight loss pills like herbal pills, diet supplement pills, and all other weight loss drugs or liquids are not only unreasonable ways of losing weight, rather these are injurious to health.

Increased blood pressure, decreased metabolism and heart troubles are commonly known problems caused by weight-control pills. You will regain back all of lost weight no sooner you  stop swallowing pills. Some of the side-effects of weight loss pills are as under: -

Fatigue and hyper-activity,

Heart arrhythmias and palpitations,

Congestive heart failure or heart attack,




Restlessness, Insomnia,

High blood pressure,

Dry mouth,

Vomiting and diarrhea or constipation,

Intestinal disturbances,

Tightness in chest,

Tingling in extremities,

Excessive perspiration,

Other side effects include tremors, confusion, heart attack and convulsions, hallucinations, shallow breathing, renal failure, Disruption in menstrual cycle, Change in libido, Hair loss, Blurred vision, Fever and urinary tract problems,.Dizziness, Disruption in menstrual cycle, Change in libido, Hair loss, Blurred vision,
Fever and urinary tract problems,

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If all this did not work, then what did finally work for me?
Before I reveal you what worked for me, let me tell you the core cause of overweight and obesity that you may not already know: you gain weight only when your liver is sluggish and is not producing and regulating fat-burning hormones; you lose weight when your liver is healthy, active and optimally functioning. The root cause of obesity and weight gain in West is that we consume too much of liver-sickening food. Whereas, we do not consume equal amount of liver-healthy food to restore liver's health and promote its functionality. Despite me being a life-long dietitian, I have had no idea of liver's slackness to be the primary cause of weight gain. 

Have you seen any Asian migrant to USA to be an overweight or obese, despite consuming western foods? The simple reason is that they consume equal amount food that restores liver's health.

My struggle with weight continued till I thought of giving a try to “Eat Weight Off”. It was thanks to this eBook that I succeeded losing 63 pounds. Using same program, my husband lost 23 and half pounds of stubborn belly fat. Isn't it incredible? It was when I wowed myself that I will tell as many people as I can as to what worked for me, even if it will cost me time and money. Now, running this webpage and making videos is atcually costing me time and money. However, it is worth it if I could inspire people who have lost hope that it is entirely possible to lose as much weight as you want to. I am an example and my husband is the "perfect example" as he is the laziest person on plannet.

This book taught me how to eat bellyful of food, restore liver’s health, get required nutrition and yet lose weight. This book is full of useful information. The whole content of the book revolves around the idea of promoting liver's health and burn existing fat while consuming bellyful of food.

The program very effective and easy to follow. The good thing is that you lose weight in the process of restoring performance of your liver.

If you are following any weight loss system and getting good result, keep it on. However, if it is not helping you, then I would suggest you to try "Eat-Weight-Off" once, before trying any other system. I hope it wukk prove to be a similar blessing for you as it proved to be for myself.

Once, you download this book, I would advise you to try to skim it through before starting any plan so that you could have a good idea of weight loss dynamics.

I hope my review of “Eat Weight Off” will help you for your weight loss journey.

Remember one thing; body fat is not stronger than a right solution.

Wish you good luck and success....... :) :) :)